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Version: Pasley (2.0.0-rc.15)

About Us

Codezero builds on top of the great work done at Kubernetes, Docker and Istio. Key to the Codezero toolset is enabling developers to close the develop/debug loop by running and testing their code in their local development environment they love, but with the same context and access as though they are actually running in-cluster.

Codezero strives to deliver an excellent Development experience and to keep things simple for those of us who are new to or do not know much about Kubernetes. We also believe in empowering experienced DevOps teams to support their development teams and have a clear understanding of what our tools are doing to local and in-cluster resources.

We have taken care to reuse what is already available, so you can leverage your investment in these excellent technologies.

Our Values

These core values help guide the overall architecture of Codezero.

  • Deliver an excellent development experience
  • Leverage and contribute to existing open source technologies
  • Provide a seamless experience throughout the development lifecycle
  • Work with your Kubernetes provider of choice:

Our Inspiration and Tools

  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Istio
  • nodejs/npm
  • Typescript
  • FeathersJS