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Getting Started

These are the general steps for setting up a Teamspace. Apart from setting up a new Kubernetes cluster, the following steps should take less than 10 minutes to complete. These steps should be carried out by someone comfortable around Kubernetes:

  1. Identify an existing Kubernetes cluster or create a new Kubernetes cluster
  2. Create a Codezero account and Organization on the Codezero Hub
  3. Register a Teamspace name that is unique to the Organization
  4. Install the Codezero System on the Kubernetes cluster in order to Certify it as a Teamspace
  5. Invite team members to the Organization

Once a Teamspace is set up and certified, individual developers can then install the Codezero local tools to work with the Teamspace. Developers will not require credentials for the Kubernetes cluster as they authenticate to the Teamspace via the Hub.

NOTE: We currently support Github and Google authentication.