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Installing Local Agent

Codezero's developer tools assist in the development and testing of Kubernetes applications through a Command Line Interface (CLI) and a web application.

Use one of the supported package managers listed below for installation. From the command-line, you can use an install script or download and extract a versioned archive file for your operating system to install Codezero.


Codezero requires:

  • MacOS, Windows 10+ or Ubuntu 18.x+ to run the CLI (czctl)
  • sudo/root/administrator permissions on your local system

Install with a package manager

To install Codezero with homebrew on macOS or Linux, run:

brew install c6o/tap/codezero

Install without a package manager

To install Codezero without a package manager on macOS or Linux:

  1. Download the latest version for your CPU architecture type:
Arch TypeURL
  1. Unzip the file: tar -xzvf headless-*.tar.gz

Optionally, install the binary in a location where you can execute it globally (for example, /usr/local/bin).

Alternatively you can use the following command to install the latest version into /usr/local/bin:

curl -L | /bin/bash