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Version: Pasley (2.0.0-rc.15)

Installing Local Tools

Codezero's developer tools help in the development and testing of Kubernetes applications through a Command Line Interface (CLI) and a Desktop application.

To install the full Desktop application and CLI, visit our Getting Started page, and install the appropriate installer for your Operating System.

Alternatively, to install Codezero via the command line, run:

curl -L | /bin/bash -s pasley

If you want to play around with pre-releases, you can install canary releases using: curl -L | /bin/bash -s -- canary. A word of caution, however, as canary releases have not been fully tested and may cause unexpected behavior.


Codezero requires:

  • MacOS or Ubuntu 18.x+ to run the full Desktop GUI
  • MacOS, Linux, or Windows 10+ with WSL2 to run the CLI (czctl)
  • sudo/root permissions on your local system

Running the Codezero CLI on Windows requires WSL2. Instructions on setting up WSL2 can be found here.

The Desktop GUI is currently unavailble on Windows/WSL2. We expect to address this soon, as WSLg, becomes more common.

Install Only the Codezero CLI

If you are in a headless environment, or don't want to install the Desktop GUI, you can run:

curl -L | /bin/bash -s pasley

to install a headless version of the tool, which only includes the czctl CLI and background services.

Installing a Specific Version

If you want to install a specific version of our CLI or reinstall an older you can run:

curl -L | /bin/bash -s -- 1.7.0

Older releases might contain bugs that have since been fixed. We always recomend running the lastest version of both our CLI and Desktop products. Additonally, before opening any bug reports, please update the latest stable release. If you still encouter an issue, please report it on our public roadmap.