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Using the CLI

Codezero's tools can be used via the Desktop app or the CLI. If you installed the Desktop app you also have the CLI.

This section is about getting up and running with the CLI.

Configure the CLI

Before you get started, you need to log in to your Codezero account.

czctl auth login

Getting Help

The CLI is invoked via the czctl command. To get more information about individual commands, see the associated command under References (e.g. Consume), or run:

> czctl help

Initialize the CLI

Start the Codezero daemon (background service) by running:

> czctl start

Codezero requires sudo access to modify your DNS settings.

Run commands

The czctl command loosely follows the conventions of the kubectl command, where each command references a Kubernetes resource (like a deployment or service), and where a namespace is given with a -n flag.

Use czctl <command> --help to see the options available for a given command.

Most czctl commands take the form czctl <command> <sub-command>, and czctl <command> <sub-command> --help will display the argument(s) and flag(s) available for that command.

Some examples:

> czctl serve list --help
> czctl consume edit --help
> czctl space select --help