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Version: Pasley (2.1)

Getting Help

We rely on feedback from developers like you for our product roadmap and tutorials. Should you encounter something we forgot to cover in this documentation, here are some ways you can get help.

Found an Issue

Please report any issues you come across to our GitHub Issues and you should hear from one of us within the same business day.


Every document on this site is hosted on GitHub and can be edited by members of the community. Constructive pull requests and issues requesting clarification are very welcome.

Feature Requests and Discussion

Please use our GitHub Discussion Board to propose a new features or to discuss any aspect that is not an issue.


Checkout our public roadmap to see what is coming down the pipe, and help us prioritize what is important to you! At this time, the Roadmap is just a subset of everything we are working on.

Community and Support

If you prefer to reach out to us directly, we have a Discord community where we hang out or you can email us at [email protected]